What are the 3 Types of Digital Media and Their Uses?

In the rapidly growing field of digital media, quality content is the king. Companies are working hard to supply new content. This helps them to reach a good audience and capture new customers. However, not all content is created equally, and not every sort of media suits the same marketing strategy

Digital Media is capable of serving more people at a time and spreading the word about various companies on the proper channels. In this article, you can explore what are the 3 types of digital media and how to use them to your advantage. 

Paid Media

To answer your query about what are the 3 types of digital media, the first one is paid media. It’s one of the foremost traditional of the three kinds of digital media that you pay to leverage an existing channel. Such as display ads, paid search, and native advertising.

Paid media allows you to reach a large-scale audience and seek attention through your content that wouldn’t otherwise find it. Just as, if you don’t gain rank on the primary page of Google by a crucial keyword, buying an AdWords ad for that keyword will get you views that you can not get organically.

The downside of paid media is that the audience is irritated by ads in almost every sphere of their lives. Seeing another ad might not be able to get a positive response from them. But if used correctly, it can be the cause to attract new customers to your content rapidly.

The main reason for using paid media is for the worth of access. Also, to dramatically exceed the price in dollars of the ad or promotion.

Earned Media

This type of media is free advertising generated by customers. Earned media comes in when the customers become the channel of your marketing. Along with their words or social media, personal blogs, reviews, testimonials, shares, or reposts recommending your products or services.

what are the 3 types of digital media

This type of media advice is the best approval your brand can have. Quite 90% of consumers worldwide say that they trust the words or the recommendations from family and friends more than any other source of advertising. Also, positive reviews from customers are more trusted than your advertisements because customers don’t get paid or achieve anything by praising your brand.

The remarks that your customers say about your products or services is the most important thing for Digital media to gain a higher rank. For example, if you attract the top influencers toward your industry. This might be a way to improve your authority across the market and your computer programming rankings will improve as well.

Earned media is a wise choice to improve your brand while scaling down your customer acquisition costs. However, you need to keep in touch regularly because you can’t control what’s being shared and said about your brand.

To get the most out of earned media, you need to have great responses to handle the feedback. Sometimes, negative earned media give you the challenge and experience to improve and do better. To display excellent customer service skills it turns a crisis into an asset.

Strong organic rankings on search engines and high-quality content are the forces that run earned media. This proves that the content you publish should be informative and valuable to meet the values of earned media.

Owned Media

Owned media is understood as the lowest kind of all 3 types of digital media. Brands have direct control over this type of media. Just as your company website, blog, or social media account. Everything that you simply publish on this channel is in your control.

Therefore you can adapt or change content according to your wish. Promoting your company on twitter account costs far more than promoting it with an AdWord. Owned media rapidly increases your existing relationships with customers. As well as drawing in prospects who are involved in the decision-making process.

what are the 3 types of digital media

When your audience interacts with your owned media properties, they’re often curious to explore more of your content. If someone likes a blog post on your website, he might click around and go through your company’s capabilities. Therefore to expand and gain success for your business it is important to have complete knowledge about what are the 3 types of digital media.

Owned media also carries the advantage of longevity. Advertisements will only run to skip the process, but your website will keep attracting your customers as long as it’s active and updated. The downside is that it doesn’t provide any guarantees. While creating high-quality and well-branded content you’ll only have limited people to view your site every week.


These three Kinds of digital media, where each of them has its advantages and downsides. So, now that you are aware of what are the 3 types of digital media, you can use the one that you most prefer. Therefore If you are curious to know the three topmost types of digital media, the above-mentioned article holds enough information. 

Always remember that digital media is very crucial. It helps you boost your sales rate and the number of customers. Never neglect the importance of it and use them wisely.

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