Time Wasted on Destiny: Website That Tracks Your Game Progress

Time wasted on destiny is a website that gives you details about the time you have played the game destiny all you need to do is visit this website and after a few steps it will provide you with your stats. Destiny is an online multiplayer first-individual shooter computer game created by Bungie and recently distributed by Activision.

This game is currently independently published by Bungie after isolating from Activision in 2019. It was made available for the public worldwide, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One consoles, and Xbox 360 on September 9, 2014.

It was the principal game in a 10 year understanding among Bungie and Activision. Set in a “mythic science fiction” world, the game features a multiplayer “shared-world” condition with segments of imagining games. Exercises in Destiny are separated among player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) game sorts.

What is Destiny?

time wasted on destiny

Players assume the job of a Guardian, defenders of Earth’s last sheltered city as they use a force called Light to shield the City from various outsider races. Gatekeepers are entrusted with resuscitating a heavenly being known as the Traveler while venturing to various planets to examine and annihilate the outsider dangers before humankind is cleared out.

Extension Packs of Destiny

Bungie produced four extension packs, facilitating the story, and including new substances, missions, and new PvP modes. There were two major developments in the first year of Destiny which were House of Wolves in May 2015 and The Dark Below in December 2014. A third, bigger development, The Taken King, was discharged in September 2015 and denoted the start of Year Two, changing a great part of the center’s ongoing interaction.

The base game and the initial three extensions were bundled into Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition. Another enormous extension called Rise of Iron was discharged in September 2016, starting Year Three. The ascent of Iron was just discharged for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 customers in this way quit getting content updates.

The base game and every one of the four extensions was bundled into Destiny: The Collection. An immediate spin-off, Destiny 2, was made available in September 2017.

Destiny was a Major Hit

Upon its release, Destiny got commonly positive surveys with analysis revolved generally around the game’s storyline and post-crusade content. The game was commended for its ongoing interaction, illustrations, and for keeping up genealogy from the Halo establishment, especially for its serious encounters. It was sold over US$325 million at retail in its underlying five days, making it the best new foundation dispatch ever. 

Achievements by Destiny

Destiny was a hit of its time thus it made major achievements. It was Games Radar’s 2014 Game of the Year and it also got the BAFTA Award for Best Game at the 2014 British Academy Video Games Awards.

How Would I Check my Time Played on Time Wasted on Destiny?

time wasted on destiny

For anybody that didn’t know, there is a site that ascertains how much time you have placed into both Destiny 1 and 2. So what amount of time have you spent playing the game? You can search through your PS4 or Xbox One to discover, yet the way toward finding the time played is obsolete. Likewise, your comfort incorporates time spent lingering in The Reef, Tower, or while in a circle.

Rather, simply go to the suitably named time wasted on destiny, you enter your PSN ID or Xbox Live gamer tag, and snap Search. You’ll see a number.

How Would I Check My Time Played on Xbox?

On Xbox, go to “my games and applications” press the MENU button with Destiny 2 choose, go to the Game Hub, and check the details’ segment.

What is The Most Ideal Path Through The Destiny 2 Heatmap?

The most ideal path is through the Destiny 2 heatmap tracker, a basic yet great instrument that shows the amount you’ve played Destiny 2 (and Destiny 1) since its discharge.

  • First, go to the site.
  • Then type in your PSN/Xbox/PC name.
  • Then click “channel heatmap” and then Crucible.

Destiny 2’s Friendgame Community

It is a tool that tracks your guardian. It is a new emergence that tells a player about his/her game friend. Friendgame is another apparatus from Josh Hunt, the creator of the Destiny Sets web device. By putting in your handle, you can see the number of exercises you’ve encountered with every one of your Destiny companions.

On the off chance that you’d preferably separate it by hours rather, you can do that also. Tapping on a given player will detail everything about your fellowship with them. The site will rattle off how you initially met (what action you were doing and the date it occurred), just as every single other experience you’ve had with them throughout the weeks, months, or and years.

For a more profound plunge, you can make a beeline for Destiny Tracker, which will have a definite breakdown of the details around the action, including who else was there and what force level every player was. The main drawback with Friendgame is that it’s just for Destiny 2, leaving the first in the residue. However, on the off chance that you’ve at any point inclined to settle an in-game contention over who your best Destiny companion is, this is the perfect apparatus


I accept there might be an approach to discover the dates on Destiny Tracker as well after time wasted on destiny, yet that interface is somewhat more muddled, so I haven’t made sense of it yet. Be that as it may look around there as well, on the off chance that you like. These seals will be accessible when another victory is guaranteed for the one week from now at reset.

It’s cool to see Bungie following through on these guarantees, regardless of whether I am in a tight spot for not playing Crucible at the end of the week two years prior. However, that is how it goes, and you need to participate in these insane network minutes to get rewards this way since we realize that these prizes may some time or another really exist.

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