Planning the Best Digital Marketing Campaign 2020

Digital marketing is a way of marketing that utilizes the internet and digital technologies which are based online. 2020 demands a multichannel and authentic approach for marketing. However, you have to be right on the track so you should first make the required template.

Nowadays mobile and digital channels are vital for acquiring and gaining customers. Therefore, you need to come up with an effective digital marketing campaign. It is very essential but complicated in this present era. Let’s get started to know how it works.

How to Create a Campaign

 Few things that you need to know about how to create a digital marketing campaign are:

  • Define the brand
  • Build the buyers personas
  • Launch the campaigns
  • Set the budget
  • Track the results


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To get started below are some of the strategies for your digital marketing campaign, let’s have a look into them. There is a saying by Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-founder, HubSpot that it’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it.

Understand Your Customers

If you want your marketing campaign to be successful you have to deeply understand your customers. Hence, you have to know why and who buys your products and from where. 

Focus on the Product

For your digital marketing campaign, you need to emphasize on the end product but not only on the profit. Sometimes while making the strategy you only focus on your profit and forget about the customer’s needs and satisfaction. However, this issue needs to be resolved.

Go Live

Go live for your followers and those who take your products. The best part is this does not need to be formal. Furthermore, you can organize personalized meetups also. This is the best digital way to connect with the customers and a digital marketing tactic. Get personal and provide interactive elements with live videos. The videos can be of the following types

  • Behind the scenes
  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Informational and instructional

Keep Focus On Cell Phones

People nowadays have their mobile phones with them 24/7 and are scrolling through social media. Nearly 4.78 billion people over the world are connected to mobile phones according to statistics. Moreover, 4 out of 5 shoppers use their smartphones of 40% shoppers that shop online instead of buying from the stores according to their convenience.

Develop Content

Informational content needs to be developed for the good workflow of your sales. You can be aware of customers in the form of blogs or videos. Provide a detailed and attractive overview of your products.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps to increase the website’s visibility in their search engines. It has several techniques, firstly, on-site technical analysis. Secondly, Google ads. Indeed these tactics are crucial for getting customers and gaining exposure.

Email Marketing

A firm digital marketing campaign desires a convincing email strategy. It is the most cost-effective and cheap way to aware and informs the vast audience about your product. Moreover, this focuses on how you can retain the customers and gain new ones. 

Email marketing encourages customers to repurchase and keep the company name on top of the mind. It is the core part of Email marketing that is refining the campaigns so you may gain as many customers as possible.

Social Sites

Social media is a very effective and powerful to connect with your customers. You can inform the customers of what you are offering, also it builds credibility and trust. By social sites, you can increase brand awareness and maintain the reputation of the company. 

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The most popular digital marketing platforms include:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


Do not forget to add advertising in your campaign essentials because they are more likely to appear simultaneously on various social sites. 

Testing and Measuring

Lastly, a campaign plan and products need to be tested to ensure you are delivering authentic marketing. This will help you to determine what needs to be corrected. This can be done with SWOT abbreviated for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis. Hence, providing highlights of the latest trends.  


At last, the success of your product marketing and the company’s popularity depends on the solid marketing plan and strategies. The bottom line is to stay with the customer’s needs and interests, not just getting profit from them.

Furthermore, you need to keep updated on what is going on with opponent marketing plans. Moreover, you need to know the new technologies and trends to follow customer needs and provide them with the latest products. 

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