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Back in the 90s, things were quite simple yet elegant. You can not consider it the age of black and white. As then too, the film and drama industry was pretty colorful. People who added color to those industries were none other than the most talented actors and actresses. One of them is Perdita Weeks. 

Although Perdita Weeks is still a present actress, however, the ones who lived in the ’90s would express their excitement about this gorgeous lady accurately. Thus, if you want to know about the heartthrob of many people, read this content further.

Introduction to Perdita Weeks

Perdita was not born with the name of Perdita Weeks. The actual name of Perdita Weeks is Perdita Rose Annunziata Weeks. She was born on the eve of Christmas, 25th December 1985 in Wales, Uk. Perdita is a British actress, who started her career from the drama industry. 

Perdita’s Nickname

Whoever knows Perdita, calls her by the name Perdy. However, her sibling; Honeysuckle has kept her nickname as Pork. Her sibling states the reason behind this name. That is, as Perdita was pretty fat when she was a baby, Honeysuckle called her Pork. Although Perdita has burnt all her baby fat, still she isn’t able to change this nickname.  

Her Attractive Features

perdita weeks

Perdita is a lady who did not only win the hearts of her fans through acting. Her beauty takes her higher. The mesmerizing light brown eyes and dark blonde hair that she possesses define a perfect beauty and catch the eye of many viewers. Moreover, her slim body and tall height of about five feet and four inches (1.63m), make her look outstanding. 

Early Life and Education

The pretty lady Perdita Weeks was born to a British couple; Robin and Susan. She acquired primary education from Roedean School, in East Sussex. Later, she went to London and studied at Courtauld Institute. There, she gained knowledge about Art History. Furthermore, she is the middle child of her parents. Her elder brother is Honeysuckle Weeks, while her younger sister is Rollo Weeks. Thus, both of her siblings are actors.  

Perdita’s Career

Perdita Weeks began her career from the film industry, soon after graduation. She is known for her work in The Tudors, where she portrayed the character of Mary Boleyn. She has appeared in the ITV series; Lost in Austin, playing the role of Lydia Bennet. Other than these two, there are approximately 28 more projects, in which Weeks appeared. 

Furthermore, she has also co-starred along with her sibling; Honeysuckle. Giving the best performances, she has gained a lot of fame among her fans. Thus, currently, her fans can see her playing the role of Juliet Higgins in the CBS Reboot series Magnum P.I. Additionally, she exceeded the expectation of her fans in Prowl. 

Spunky Perdita

As the actresses in the film Industry know Perdita Weeks well. They state that the nature of Weeks is quite spunky. The reason behind her portraying the perfect character as Georgiana is the same. Her spunkiness made it easy for her to connect to the character’s nature. 

Moreover, Perdita herself admits that she is spunky. Although she does not cross the line when coming to caring or respecting. 

Hollywood Life

Perdita Weeks started her Hollywood career with a minor role. She was at the age of 7 when she played the character of a child protesting and chanting, ‘we don’t want a bypass’. That was along with her sibling; Honeysuckle Weeks. 

perdita weeks

Moreover, Perdita appeared in many other movies. Her movies include; So Above So Below, The Musketeers, Rebellion, and The Great Fire, etc. Thus, recently she did a voice-over for the character ‘Morgan Le Fay’ in 2019. It is the character of a video game that an independent British Studio published. 

Her Husband and Family

The gorgeous lady, Perdita Weeks tied a knot with Kit Frederiksen in 2012. Thus, the couple is now blessed with two children. One is Humphrey Carrington while the other is Rupert Sebastian. There is no further update regarding her family and kids. 


At the end of this content, it was evident that there is no recent update about her life. However, she is an active user of many social media platforms. She has numerous followers, approximately 85.1k on Instagram, 7.5k on Facebook, and 15.1k on Twitter. Thus, her Instagram account is full of diverse places. That shows that Perdita is adventure loving. Moreover, she likes to visit different places.

However, this shows the greatness of her fame. The fame that she gained through her hard work, positivity, efficiency, and talent. Keeping the fact in mind that she did not attend any drama school to train herself for acting. Still, she has surprised her senior colleagues by doing so well in the acting career. 

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