FreeWebArcade: Best Online Games During Quarantine

The world is facing a serious pandemic and for now, there is no vaccine for this deadly coronavirus. The only thing we can do to remain safe from this virus is to follow the precautionary measures. The authorities all around the world requested the people to stay at home and not go out unless necessary. 

Many people being responsible are following these orders. Remember staying home is safer than being outside with other people which can increase the risk of catching COVID-19 as it is very contagious. However, spending time at home is not easy for extroverted people. They need some activity or entertainment to keep them occupied. Staying bored is not an option for them. They need to find new hobbies or fun activities. 

So if you are searching for some games to keep you busy during this crisis, then this article will guide you through some best games which you can play during the quarantine.  Freewebarcade offers you many interesting online games. It also allows you to install your own choice of game. 

Online Games

Freewebarcade online games provide you with the best experience of gaming. Online games allow you to choose the game of your choice to play and enjoy during this quarantine. They are free of cost and can elevate your mood. Playing games also have many benefits. 


Gaming improves your coordination skills and enhances problem-solving skills. Memory and brain speed also improves. Games are certainly a great source of learning and it boosts your concentration levels. However, games should be played at a specific time. Too much gaming can cause harm to your health.

Here are some exciting online games that you can easily play on a freewebarcade or other websites. Some games can be downloaded on cellphones as well and can be played with ease.

  • Ludo star 
  • Farm heroes saga
  • Tic-Tac-Toe   
  • Hidden kitchen
  • Call of duty
  • 8 ball pool
  • Pirates and treasures 
  • Joker poker
  • Easy crossword 
  • Bubble shooter

Ludo Star 2

ludo star 2

Ludo star allows you to play online with your friends and other people around the globe. It is the most trending game nowadays. Ludo is an essential part of everyone’s childhood and playing this in this age and technology certainly revives many childhood memories. You can also easily download it on your mobile or tablets.

This game consists of different modes and various plays. Not only does it allow you to play private, but you can also join up with a team by providing a link to your favorite teammate. Furthermore, it consists of the game “snake and ladders” which is mostly liked by many people. Moreover, this amazing game comprises three modes namely, Classic, Arrow, and Quick. 

You can choose any of your favorite modes for this gameplay. Every mode has its tactic and rule to abide by. The simplest model of the game is Classic. It’s your choice to play private or as a team. This model offers simple gameplay that you have to play easily. Additionally, no arrows are given in this mode to get a free chance. It is just a simple mode to move your token all the way home and be safe from the other opponent’s token.

Secondly, the most interesting mode of the game is Arrow. It is one of the interesting modes liked by many players around. In the arrow mode, you have to initially move your token when the dice shows six. Then you have a chance to roll your dice once more. However, at every arrow, you are provided with a chance to roll your dice once again. This gives you an extra turn. This mode is one of the best modes you can play with your loved ones. Also, you can play it as a two-player game too.

The third mode of Ludo star is its Quick mode. It is one of the hardest yet simplest modes because in this you have to focus on achieving your aim. That is to your token to reach home first by killing the token of your opponent. This very feature of this chasing game makes it more thrilling and fun.

However, keep in mind that you are only allowed to enter the home when you have killed the token of your opponent otherwise the lock of the home can’t be opened. Similarly, if your one token reaches the home at first, then you are the winner of the game and the game comes to its end. On the other hand, you can also chat through the messages with the opponent and can send various stickers and emoticons.

Farm Heroes Saga 

Farm heroes saga is yet another one of the most entertaining games. In this game, you have to take care of a farm and grow crops in it. You have to collect and grow vegetables as well as other food crops in the given time. Moreover, they offer limited moves to complete the round.

Farm heroes saga contains many levels. In every level of this game, you are going to find an interesting and different mission to deal with it. As you keep on winning, you keep on climbing the ladder up to the next level. Moreover, this game provides you with so many options at a time.

Like any other game, it also offers many life opportunities. These lives help you carry on with your level in case you failed it in the first attempt. But they provide lives in a limited number. If you finish all your lifelines, you are supposed to wait until your lives are recharged again. Anyhow, this game is one of the best recommendations for playing during this quarantine. 


tic tac toe freewebarcade

Another delightful and amazing game  Tic-Tac-Toe. The simplicity of this game makes it even more appealing. Initially, this game was played on the piece of the paper or any lined notebook or a plain page. Now, technology has introduced a modernized version of this paper game. This game is also available on a freewebarcade.

It is a two-player game. So you can easily convince your friend, any of your siblings, or any other person you know to join the game. This game is the play of ticks and tacks. If you know them well, you can easily defeat the other person.

The rules of this game are very simple. Two players are required for the game. A squared box with each sidelined will be in front of you and your player has to choose the sign whether tic or tac. Furthermore, after this, you are going to put the mark in the straight line to take it till toe. Similarly, the person who reaches till the toe at first will be recognized as the winner of the game.

Hidden Kitchen

Hidden kitchen is a  fascinating game that can be played by anyone. It includes simple and amazing features with mind-blowing skills of searching. This game does not get you bored in any way. This game has hidden kitchen material in different places and you have to find it in a given time.

As you’ll collect the things, your points will keep increasing. But if you fail to find all the things in one go that too in the provided time limit, then you’ll have to play that level again. You won’t get to move to the next levels until you have completed the previous ones.

This game depends on your intelligence and shows how quickly your brain functions at finding something. You have to focus on the different places where you can find the materials. The moment you find all the materials in your allotted time, you are allowed to move to the next level. This game will surely get rid of your boredom. You can easily play it for free on a freewebarcade.

Call Of Duty

Are you looking up for an extremely amusing fighting game to play?. Call of duty is an online game with exciting features and high-quality graphics on the game. In this game, armies compete against each other and have to kill each other with a specially allotted gun. 

Call of duty requires huge storage of about 1.2GHz for the game installation on the mobile. This game includes different zones namely a safe zone and a war zone. It is an interesting battle game where all the players gather on the battlefield and have to defeat their opposite team.

Many weapons are used in this game. Moreover, you can explore new battlefields and can get new helicopters and stylish vehicles for continuing the game to the next level. It also has different seasons and different zones. Furthermore, Soldiers are provided with help from their teammates when they suffer danger. All in all, this game is an amazing and easy one that can be played by teenagers and or by any other age group people.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool freewebarcade

Another addition to the list of amazing online games is 8 Ball Pool that you can play on a freewebarcade. The people who are addicted to online games must know about the most famous game trending nowadays is 8 Ball Pool.

It is the favorite game of every beginner and even an experienced player. You are allowed to play this game with different people around the world. More so this game will let you meet new people from different countries and states. 

Additionally, it is a mobile-based billiard themed pool game with amazing features. The 8 Ball Pool was ranked as the number one of the hundred in the Miniclip’s game company Top 100 List in 2015. This not only proves its popularity but also its craze among the players. Once you get yourself into it, there is no going back. It also feels as if you are playing this game on a real pool ball table.


When you are getting bored and feel like you have nothing to do, then the best option is to go for the online games that you can play anytime. Moreover, online games also refresh the mind and once you start playing you will be addicted to it. Online games are a good chance to improve your skills and brain speed.

Ludo star is a type of game that allows you to play free online games with your friends and loved ones. On the other hand, farm heroes saga is an interesting game that teaches you to grow crops and maintain a farm. Moreover, a hidden kitchen tests your mind on how sharp your mind is at finding some materials.  This game enables you to strive for victory and keep completing the missions to get to a new level.

Online games are the best way to improve your social skills. It also makes you do many tasks at a time and increase multitasking skills. These online games are a great source for enhancing your memory. It attracts all your attention to the game and you put your all concentration and efforts on the game. These online games give us a great lesson about how we can win but it doesn’t mean that we feel like a loser, we must stay motivates to try harder and harder to succeed.

There are many advantages to playing games, however, playing too much can be harmful. Everything that you do must be done in a limited amount. Too much of something leads to disadvantages. Parents should allow their children to play only at a certain time and not all day. Because playing 24/7 can lead to serious addiction and this can result in a lack of other hobbies and poor academic performance. Playing too much will make you lazy since you will remain sitting at a certain place for too long and this could increase your weight as well. Moreover, gaming addiction will negatively affect your eyesight and you might start suffering from insomnia.

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