Top 7 Facts About Bill Burr Wife

Do you enjoy jokes and like pretty women? If the answer to that question is yes, then you will be glad to know some facts about Bill Burr wife, Nia Renee Hill. A graceful girl with a great sense of humor. She is the wife of the most famous comedian named Bill Burr and she is also a comedian. If you are interested to know some facts about then continue reading this.

This beautiful woman was born on the 2nd of  June in 1969 in Los Angeles, California. Therefore, now her age is about 51. Probably, not many people heard her name as Nia Hill but many people know her as Bill Burr wife.

Nia is a young and very talented actress, and you can see her in shows like long-distance, Santa Clara Diet, and Who You Look For This Week. This young and talented lady sometimes appears on Monday Morning podcasts show hosted by her spouse. Her versatility has made her successful in various fields.

Some of the topmost facts about Nia Renee hill are mentioned below.

An Independent Women  

Nia Renee Hill is a strong independent woman who worked hard and took care of herself in the most difficult time when her parents were divorced. In childhood, her parents’ separation did affect her and her sibling’s life. Her siblings had to stay with her mother and she stayed with her father. 

However, this lady didn’t lose hope and continued working in the sphere of comedy as well as acting. At first, she worked as a comedian and then became an actress due to her great skills. Nia Renee Hill loves to make people laugh and smile. Every time she uses a different and attractive way to charm her fans. Her fans are certainly wooed by her multi-talented skills and capability.


At an early age, she aspired to be an actress and worked hard to attain this goal. She got her education at Greenville School and then continued her studies at Emerson College. Nia was creative and active-minded. Similarly, she heightens her skills in a great way day by day. Moreover, because of her great and amazing skills, she was a member of the drama society in her school. 

She was determined and hardworking from her school and helped many to achieve their goals. Nia motivates people to do better. She introduces many great and amazing ideas and knows well how to represent her work as a comedian and also as an actress. 

Nia’s Marriage  

bill burr wife

Bill and Nia met on a comedy show and they dated sometime before their marriage in 2013. However, after their marriage, they both moved to Los Angeles. Furthermore, they both lead a happy and active life together. Both Husband and wife participate and host the comedy shows together. Also, they post photos, together often look quite happy and love each other. They also have a sweet daughter named Lola Burr. They love and adore their daughter to the fullest. Nia is a great mother as well. Now, she is expecting her second child.

Great Achievements 

In 2014 Bill Burr and Nia Renee both were included in the List Of 10 Hottest Wives And Comedians. This is one of their greatest achievements. Moreover, day by day they both have become more popular around social media networks. Their hard work and creative skills have made them successful. They work together to inspire people around the world.  Many people around the world adore them and their comedy certainly makes the day better.

Speaks For Feminists 

Nia Burr is a feminist who is not afraid of speaking about it. She is the motivator of the feminists. She has a creative mind with a strong imagination. Moreover, she remains active on her Twitter account with a huge number of fan following. 

This lady has 25.5  thousand followers on her Twitter account. Not only twitter, but she also has an active Instagram account with 27.5 thousand followers. Nia makes public announcements on social networks and interacts with her fans now and then. Moreover, her fan following increases higher day by day.

Films and TV Serials 

Nia and Bill both worked together. Nia appeared sometimes in podcasts Like You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, The Adam Carolla Show, and The Joe Rogan Experience. Both spouses present good and funny jokes which make people laugh and they enjoy it. It is really interesting to listen to them. Hill and her husband add many jokes during podcasts to make people laugh and it results in improving their mood.

As an actress and a comedian, she and her spouse have a great idea of making people smile. Many of her fans are attracted to her acting just because of her great acting skills.

Costume and Wardrobe Stylist 

clothes hanging
Image Source: unsplash.com

Nia was attracted to fashion as well so she completed her design course. She has also designed costumes and wardrobe for films like 2014 Pizzazz: Where’s My Movie?. It was a great chance for her to work in a wardrobe and costume department. For this reason, Nia gets more popularity among her fans. Her dresses were widely appreciated.


Without any doubt, Nia proves to be a thriving and hardworking person. Her career will only flourish in the future. She’s a great person at heart and is friendly with her fellow workers. She gets along well. Her sense of humor readily attracts many people and they become her fan. 

She made a name for herself and became prominent all around the globe. She motivates us to become a better version of ourselves. She was much engaged in the entertainment industry. Many times she worked in front and behind the camera. 

She is solely responsible for her great success, her husband Burr readily admits. Burr is very much proud of his graceful wife. Nia is a determined and hardworking lady and we all could surely learn something from her and be the better versions of ourselves.

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