All You Need to Know About Anime Gif

An anime gif is very attractive and gives a flowery look on your screen. Actually, gif is the abbreviation of ‘Graphic Interchange Format”. It is a bitmap image service, which was developed by a team for the online service provider “CompuServe”.

How Did Anime Gif Start?

An American computer scientist “Steve Wilhite” created Gifs for the first time with the help of his team members on 15 June 1987. From that day it came into widespread use in the world wide web because of its huge support and the probability between the applications and operating system.

The employees of CompuServe usually say choosy developers choose GIF, for spoofing in commercials on TV.

Let’s Have a Look on the Brief History of Anime Gif


Company Compuserve introduced it on 15 June 1987. Also, it was provided by a color image format for downloading areas of the file. Thus it replaced the run-length-encoding format that used to be black and white only.

Within the short period of time GIF became popular. The major reason for popularity was LZW data compression, which proved more efficient than the run-length encoding.

The original version of the GIF was named as 87a. Later in 1989 CompuServe introduced an enhanced version and named 89a. Moreover, CompuServe encouraged the acceptance of GIF by offering downloadable conversion utilities for their computers.

In 1987 an Apple IIGS user viewed pictures that were created on an Atari ST. Gif is one of the oldest image formats that was commonly used on websites. However, there was only black and white display before that.

In 2015 Facebook started support for GIF. In 2018 Instagram also started support in GIF’s favor and added GIF stickers to the story mode.

What are Advanced Thoughts About GIF?

There is much research done on GIF. Many computer scientists are still doing research and now it has been separated from traditional memes. Gifs are showing an entirely advanced generation of communicative systemic signs.

Moreover, they are able to reenact your emotions. Further, it can transfer detailed feelings of your mind and heart.

It is postdigital, and it works on extensions of the emotions of its users Along with their cognitive expressions. In Addition, it doesn’t require complex sentences for expressing your feelings.

Let’s Know About its Terminology

According to the advanced edition of many dictionaries, the word GIF is found as a noun. Meanwhile in 2012 Oxford university press recognized the word GIF as a verb as well as elaborated its meaning as “to create a gif file”.

Slowly and gradually GIFs have evolved into a tool through serious applications, which involve research and journalism. 

Let’s Pronounce The Word Gif

The founder of the format pronounces it as Jif with the very soft sound of G like in the gym. According to Steve Wilhite, the intended pronunciation of Gif consciously echoes the brand of American peanut butter “Jif”. But nowadays it is widely pronounced with hard G like in gift.

The disagreement on the pronunciation forced a heated Internet debate. During the 2013 Webby Award ceremony, Wilhite received a lifetime achievement award where he rejected the hard G pronunciation. Moreover, his speech led almost 17k posts on Twitter along with 50 news articles. Whitehouse and television program Jeopardy was also listed in a debate in 2013.

Years passed, February 2020 arrived, The J.M. Smucker Company, which is the owner of the Jif peanut butter brand, started a partnership with anime image database and search engine Giphy. The aim behind this was to release a limited edition “Jif vs. Gif ” jar of Jif peanut butter. 

Thus it was labeled humorously declared soft G refers to peanut butter. Therefore Gif has to be exclusively pronounced with hard G. 

What Are The Types of Gif?

sad Anime GIF

Just like cell phones and the internet, Gif is now becoming part of our culture that no one could predict. Not only for your communication, but it is also now very popular in industries, factories, and offices too. The anime gif loops are shareable and versatile.

It is one of the trending content, which should be considered by marketers. This can help as a medium for sharing brand messages in advanced ways. Here are some important types of it:

  • The Reaction GIF

Maybe it is one of the most well-known anime gifs. You can use it for showing responses and emotions. By using it no one has absolute facts.

Most of them are either from film or television. It totally depends on situations from which a suitable visual repository of your emotions could be matched. Moreover, it is a great supplement for marketing purposes.

  • The Replay GIF

The anime gifs highlight lurch. No matter if you want to see the knockout punch, high jump, ultimate fail, then you can rapidly and efficiently watch through a GIF.

Also, if you remember any movie clip of any TV serial, you can use that. Your favorite sport clip or any funny scene can be in your hand anytime.

  • The Cinemagraph

The fanciest and favorite one. Cinemagraphs are either a part picture or part animation only.  Further, it captures single or dual subtle areas with motion like waterfalls, rainfall, city streets, Birds behind rainbows, etc. Actually it tends to have such peaceful quality scenarios.

  • The Perfect-Loop GIF

It is a bit incidentally related to the cinematograph. Thus a perfect looping GIF. Moreover, its principles are well known for being used in apps like Vine.

Further, it can make a GIF, which runs logically with the last frame moving back into the first frame therefore it is said as a gist.

  • Technical GIFS

Only text can be boring but not remain boring with a GIF. The technical gifs are necessary for making things like graphs, pie, and diagrams that are more dynamic and appealing. 

How Important GIF is?

Believe it or not, GIFs have had a great place in the internet globe since it was created. However, today it has become essential in the Internet age that it has nearly blown up.

Recently, every social app like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, and Twitter have started supporting GIFs.

Maybe they are welcoming this Gif technology because it is undeniably attractive. Everyone is integrating into their environment.

anime gif

Additionally, Gifs has occupied  great importance since it has been introduced due to its unique importance and features:

  • Work Everywhere

One of the basic concerns of today’s population is that you all want to reach out to everywhere. Therefore, your content should be worthy enough so that it could be easily displayed on every device.

This is how you can start, GIFs are highly effective for such dreams. Whether you are browsing Facebook or through a random mobile app, GIFs will always support.

Moreover, there are millions of users on different social platforms; the viewing and sharing GIFs are very common practice throughout all of them.

  • Complete Narrative

Many people believe that one image is worth a thousand words. However, if it is the case then you have to be agreeing that GIFs are worth more than an image.

Meanwhile, it is not gigantic in size or cost as in comparison with videos. GIFs act as a boundary between images and videos.

GIF includes the necessary context for posting, which is required to connect with the reader. The correct use of GIFs can tell you a complete story. Moreover, it can attract the reader to relate the given content on a deeper emotional level.

  • Less Boring

You must have seen many clichés attached to advertisements that are boring. Therefore, it will be a good way to attach gifs that engages the reader.

This is how nowadays companies breaking this stereotype thought. This is the easiest and best trick to doing this without seeming much desperate.

According to experts, people understand more batter through an interactive medium. Thus, richer content can attract more consumers.

  • Lots and Lots Available

We know that images are ineffective alone when it comes to engaging a reader. On the other hand, videos are heavier in size and also expensive. Well, GIFs can resolve your problems here, they are often available free but if not then you can have cheap prices in stock libraries.

According to the New York Times, there are free gifs available on the internet including every move, different expressions, several activities, and so on.

  • Make the Brand Innovative

Indeed it can be a daunting challenge to shift towards the use of GIF in your content. Perhaps this is what you may need for your content.

As Gifs are easy to use, this can help you to make your content more creative. Moreover, it can make your brand more inspiring and Internet-friendly.

Maybe, it will force you to have a look at your brand, either from another perspective or from another angle. This will spark a flame. Rather than feeling comfortable, think beyond the limit.

  • Convey the Message

Yes, we know that Gifs are highly entertaining. Apart from this, GIFs are super active especially when it comes to conveying a message in the mind of the viewer. You don’t need the collection of words anymore.

A picture can tell you a thousand words. Similarly, GIFs can effectively convey expressions. According to research, people usually forget written content within a short span of time. But on the other hand, images continuously reside in the long-term memory of humans.

  • Fluent in the Millennial Tongue

Along with new generations, new products, and new branding are in competition in the market. In simple language, we can say that there is a considerable shift from the traditional market towards the digital market.

This digital market depends on the online marketing of brands. We are living in the digital world. The world of connectivity with social media. Therefore, it is very important for brands to communicate with customers with advanced ideas. So that they can grab a huge market, today it is only possible with Gifs.

GIFs speak the language of customers even without saying a word. The customers nowadays have the smallest attention span that is even less than ten seconds.

  • Hand-held Device Compatibility

In this era of technology, one of the biggest problems of today’s nation is mobile storage. We all know that download length is always an issue for every mobile user. The users of social media apps are always willing for such content that doesn’t occupy a larger space of their device. Moreover, people prefer content that doesn’t take much time to load.

Luckily GIFs can provide us solutions against these problems. It takes barely any file size, moreover, it can download quicker than videos especially when you want to upload them.

How to Download Animated GIFs

It was once frequently overused during the early days of the World Wide Web, and unfortunately, soon its popularity dropped. Today we can see a recent resurgence in its use but thanks to social apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • How To Download GIF On Browser?

Many browsers permit you to select your desired anime GIF and directly save it when you want them on the computer. Through Google Chrome browser, choose your gif then press right-click and select “Save image as…” Then a menu pops up. Now you can choose a folder where you want to save it.

  • How To Download GIFs On Social Media?

Many famous social media applications have their own methods for downloading GIFs. On Facebook and Pinterest, you have to click on the anime GIF. Then, finally, you will have it on a separate browser tab. Here you have to follow the standard method of that browser for saving gif.


boy looking up the sky while its snowing

Beauty attracts every eye, it doesn’t concern with age or gender. Humans can easily tackle colors. Gifs are the easiest source for attracting your viewers. No matter if you are a businessman or a salesman everyone can attract their customers through using gif while advertising.

Anime gif is just one idea. You can even make a gif of your substances, objects even yourself. 

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